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Decisive Point Podcast Cover

Decisive Point

Decisive Point, the Parameters podcast companion series, furthers the education and professional development of senior military officers and members of the government and academia who are concerned with national security affairs. The podcast debuted in August 2020 and spans four seasons and more than 100 episodes, featuring Parameters authors discussing the research presented in their articles. Episodes range from 10–15 minutes long and cover various topics, including foreign policy, strategy, military history, gender-related issues, counterinsurgency, Landpower, and more.

Conversations on Strategy Podcast Cover

Conversations on Strategy

Conversations on Strategy features quick analyses of timely strategic issues. Topics are geared toward senior military officials, government leaders, academicians, strategists, historians, and thought leaders interested in foreign policy, strategy, history, counterinsurgency, and more. The series first aired in March 2022 and includes more than 25 episodes that range in length from 15–30 minutes long. Guests include Press authors and subject matter experts from the US Army War College and other PME and academic institutions who discuss hot topics like the Russia-Ukraine War, China, Taiwan, artificial intelligence, manned-unmanned teaming, infrastructure, terrorism, urban warfare, the Middle East, and more.