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June 18, 2024

Book Review: Cold Rivals: The New Era of US-China Strategic Competition

Book Cover: Cold Rivals: The New Era of US-China Strategic CompetitionInternational Relations |

Editor: Evan S. Medeiros
Reviewed by Dr. Jeffrey Reeves, associate professor, Naval War College, Naval Postgraduate School |
Naval War College associate professor Dr. Jeffrey Reeves provides a thoughtful critique of this anthology on relations between the United States and China. After a brief note on US-Chinese relations during the Trump and Biden-Harris administrations, Reeves offers suggestions for further reading and implies that the book, while providing a “historical account of US-China relations and [chronicling] its evolution,” is not unique in its contributions compared to similar literature, though he does praise two chapters on economics and technology that “stand out.”

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Keywords: US-China relations, policy, great-power competition, deterrence, Indo-Pacific