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June 18, 2024

Book Review: The Decline and Fall of Republican Afghanistan

Book Cover: The Decline and Fall of Republican AfghanistanRegional Studies |
Authors: Ahmad Shuja Jamal and William Maley
Reviewed by Dr. Whitney Grespin, visiting research fellow, King's College London, UK Defence Academy; non-resident fellow, Joint Special Operations University; and Africa Regional Program Lead, DSCA/DSCU Institute for Security Governance |
Foreign-policy expert Dr. Whitney Grespin reviews a “deservedly cutting reflection on mistakes made and lessons not learned during the Afghanistan War.” She notes the book’s “valuable perspective,” as one of the authors was in Kabul when it fell. Distilling the book’s contents into a detailed, useful overview, Grespin provides a helpful roadmap for readers interested in these topics and concludes the book is “ necessary read for practitioners engaged in security assistance.”

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Keywords: Kabul, insurgency, legitimacy, leadership, funding