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May 29, 2024

In Memoriam

Dr. Carol V. Evans

US Army Pacific (USARPAC) is grateful for the enduring relationship it has with the folks at the US Army War College and the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI). We were all shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the sudden death of Dr. Carol Evans, the director of SSI. I considered Carol both a terrific colleague and a close friend.

Carol had a firm grasp of the security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. Her knowledge spanned across military domains and sources of national power. She also had an agile mind and wrote prolifically to help decisionmakers think, share professional discourse, and ultimately collaborate on solutions—from security cooperation to economic drivers of instability. She routinely offered keen insight and unmatched energy at our exercises, conferences, and war games. Carol did not meet problems, she attacked them, from the tactical to the institutional—even if it meant an operational deployment with the Navy—Carol was game.

Carol was also an extraordinary partner for my command and left an enduring legacy with many of us. She was a key contributor at our most important conferences. She regularly penned articles outlining tangible ways we could strengthen ties with specific Allies and partners as well as ways to deter our adversaries better. Her efforts in standing up the China Landpower Studies Center at the Army War College earlier this year will expose more thinkers to the challenges of our region—and our adversary. I consider this accomplishment one of Carol’s signature legacies. Carol, like the leaders of US Army Pacific, understood that the institutional Army needed a better grasp of our pacing threat’s ground forces—she led the charge and was indeed a change agent. We needed advocates like Carol to guide our profession of arms intellectually, and Carol delivered!

I will remain grateful for her extraordinary legacy and her positive impact on generations of leaders and thinkers. Carol made a difference with her kindness, intellect, and determination—at SSI, at USARPAC, and throughout the world. My team and I will sorely miss her.

One Team!


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Charles A. Flynn
General, US Army
Commanding, US Army Pacific