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May 20, 2024

Book Review: Limited Force and the Fight for the Just War Tradition

Book Cover: Limited Force and the Fight for the Just War TraditionMilitary Theory |
Author: Christian Nikolaus Braun
Reviewed by Reverend Dr. Wylie W. Johnson, chaplain, US Army War College class of 2010 |
Retired US Army chaplain Dr. Wylie W. Johnson reviews Christian Nikolaus Braun’s dissertation-turned-book on a “casuistic” approach to just war informed by the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. Johnson overviews the philosophies with which Braun engages—those of Michael Walzer and of revisionists (virtue ethicists)—and quotes Braun’s central purpose: to provide a “third way” to these philosophies and “remind contemporary thinkers of the tradition’s core—namely, its practical function as a guide to statecraft.”

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Keywords: Thomas Aquinas, ethics, Walzer, revisionists, warfare