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June 21, 2023

Book Review: Military Virtues

Strategic Leadership Book Review: Military Virtues
Strategic Leadership |


Editors: Michael Skerker, David Whetham, and Don Carrick 

| Reviewed by Major George J. Fust, active-duty US Army officer | 

Filling the gap between theoretical and practical application, this collection of essays by leading scholars and practitioners revitalizes the application of virtue to the modern military environment and answers the question, “Why did the service component choose this value?” Case studies and vignettes in each chapter reinforce main arguments and drive further reflection. After reading this book, readers will not have to accept military-prescribed virtues at face value; they will have obtained an understanding and a moral map for dealing with ethical dilemmas in a clear and succinct way.

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Keywords: artificial intelligence, knowledge, multidomain operations, character of war, adaptation, moral asymmetry