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Sept. 21, 2023

Book Review: Without Flyers, No Tannenberg: Aviation on the Eastern Front of 1914—Evolution of a Critical Role for Modern Warfare

Book Review: https://media.defense.gov/2023/Sep/26/2003308699/-1/-1/0/230920-A-JQ161-0023.JPG
76th Birthday of Air Force | 


Authors: Terrence J. Finnegan, Helmut Jäger, and Carl J. Bobrow  

| Reviewed by Greg Pickell, US Army lieutenant colonel (retired) | 

Providing valuable historical context, Without Flyers, No Tannenberg offers a wealth of previously unavailable information and provided needed context to the German triumph over the Russian 2nd Army in the opening weeks of the First World War.” The book describes how aviation developed in Germany and Russia and offers detailed maps and graphics. The latter part of the book covers events following the defeat of Russian General Samsonov’s 2nd Army, to include the Battle of the Masurian Lakes and the campaign that followed.  

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Keywords: World War I, Battle of Tannenberg, Battle of the Masurian Lakes, NATO, Russian Military Fleet