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Jan. 24, 2024

International Competition in the High North: Kingston Conference on International Security 2022

By Michael E. Lynch, Howard G. Coombs

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Janeen L. Birckhead, Andrea Charron, J.P. Clark, Joseph L. Corriveau, Michele Devlin, Wayne Eyre, Kathryn Bryk Friedman, James Fergusson, Wilfrid Greaves, Thomas Hughes, Ryan E. Jurkowski, Devin Kirkwood, Rauna J. Kuokkanen, Lori L. Leffler, W. Barrett Martin, James R. Morton Jr., Roch Pelletier, Camilla T. N. Sørensen, Wendy R. Tokach, Michael K. Tovo

The 16th annual Kingston Consortium on International Security conference, “International Competition in the High North,” took place on October 11–13, 2022, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The conference examined the Arctic region in the context of ongoing climate change and against the backdrop of war in Ukraine. Over the past several years, the United States has acknowledged the growing importance of the Arctic as a strategic region, and the Department of Defense and each of the US military services have published Arctic policies or strategies. In addition, the Department of Defense has created a new regional study center, the Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies in Alaska. Canada and the other Arctic Council nations have also acknowledged the growing importance of the Arctic region and revised strategic frameworks and changed institutional approaches to ensure Arctic security challenges arising from great-power competition and other threats, like those to the environment, are addressed. This volume captures these ideas for the United States and its allies so all can benefit from this experience.
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arctic, Arctic Council, arctic region, China, climate change, dual use infrastructure, environmental security, great-power competition, high north, indigenous peoples, national defense, NATO, NORAD, Russia, Ukraine