Getting Ready for a Nuclear-Ready Iran

cover image for Getting Ready for a Nuclear-Ready Iran

Published: November 2005

Mr Patrick Clawson, Mr Henry D Sokolski

Contributor: Strategic Studies Institute

Collection: SSI Monographs

Key Terms: Abu Masa, Agreement of 1972, ballistic missiles, Begin Doctrine, Busheir reactors, centrifuges surgical strikes, Clawson, containment, Deterrence, Dimona, economic sanctions, Egypt, European Union, France, Germany, Greater and Lesser Tunbs, Hizbullah, INCSEA, International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lausanne Convention, liquefied natural gas, Middle East, Montreux Convention, Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Nuclear power, nuclear proliferation, nuclear safeguards, Nuclear Weapons, oil, oil pipelines, OPEC, Persian Gulf, plutonium reprocessing, Saudi Arabia, Sokolski, Straits of Hormuz, Syria, Terrorism, The Prevention of Incidents at Sea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, uranium enrichment, verification compliance