Parameters VOL. 44 NO. 3 AUTUMN 2014 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. September 25, 2014

Confronting the “Islamic State” by W. Andrew Terrill, David S. Sorenson, Ross Harrison, Dana El Kurd NATO’s Rebirth: Rhetoric & Reality by John R. Deni, Luis Simón Challenges in Russia & Afghanistan by Kristin Ven Bruusgaard, Daniel Glickstein and Michael Spangler Special Commentary: The Army’s Professional Ethic by Don M. Snider Of Note: Whose Breach, Whose Trust? by Kimberly Field

Parameters VOL. 44 NO. 2 SUMMER 2014 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. July 01, 2014

Rebalancing the Rebalance by Michael Spangler Strategy Versus Statecraft in Crimea by Lukas Milevski Eisenhower and US Grand Strategy by Raymond Millen Private Contractors & Military Professionals by Scott L. Efflandt, Christopher Spearin, Birthe Anders Special Commentary: Insights from the Army's Drawdowns by Jason W. Warren

Parameters VOL. 44 NO 1 SPRING 2014 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. May 01, 2014

The New Cold War: A Way Ahead for US Strategy by Michael G. Roskin Options for Avoiding Counterinsurgencies: Learning from Afghanistan by David H. Ucko and Robert C. Egnell Rethinking Small-Footprint Interventions: Thomas Schelling's “Tipping” Points by Stephen Watts and Stephanie Pezard Pakistan’s Changing Counterterrorism Strategy: A Window of Opportunity? by Michael Spangler China's North Korea Policy: Rethink or Recharge? by Andrew Scobell and Mark Cozad Predicting Future War by Robert Johnson Forking Paths: War After Afghanistan by Michael Evans The National Guard as a Strategic Hedge by James D. Campbell Reserve Component Costs: A Relook by James “Rick” Morrison

Parameters VOL. 43 NO. 4 WINTER 2013-14 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. December 23, 2013

American Power in Transition: Isaiah Wilson, James E. Goodby and Ken Weisbrode, Anna Simons. Fighting Irregular Fighters: Sibylle Scheipers, Robert J. Bunker, Robert L. Feldman and Michel Ben Arrous. Conflict by Other Means: David J. Katz, Juan Zarate, Douglas W. Winton. Preparing for Netwars: Frank J. Cilluffo and Joseph R. Clark. QDR and Landpower: Francis G. Hoffman.

Parameters VOL. 43 NO. 3 AUTUMN 2013 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. September 25, 2013

Dilemmas for US Strategy: David S. Sorenson, Gregory Aftandilian, Richard W. Weitz, Dennis V. Hickey. US Landpower in Regional Focus: Kimberly Field, James Learmont, Jason Charland, W. Andrew Terrill, John R. Deni. Lessons From Limited Wars: Todd R. Greentree, David C. Brooks

Parameters VOL. 42 NO. 3 AUTUMN 2012 Edited by: COL (R) Robert H. Taylor. September 24, 2012

American Landpower and the Middle East of 2030 by Micael R. Eastman. The Afghanistan Experience: Democratization by Force, by Cora Sol Goldstein. COIN is Dead–Long Live Transformation, by Matthew Ford, Patrick Rose, and Howard Body. Afghanistan: Strategy and War Termination, by Christopher Tuck. The Futility of Force and the Preservation of Power: British Strategic failure in America 1780-1783. by Daniel T. Canfield. The Internet, New Media, and the Evolution of Insurgency, by Steven Metz