Parameters VOL. 47 NO. 1 SPRING 2017 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. May 01, 2017

Mission Command: Strategic Implications – Anthony C. King, Russell W. Glenn, and Thomas-Durell Young. After 15 Years of Conflict – Charlotte F. Blatt, Stanley J. Wiechnik, Ellen "Elle" Klein, Douglas A. Sims II, and Amy B. Adler. Modernization Among US Partners – Ian Langford, and Rémy Hémez. Review Essay – Larry D. Miller. Commentaries and Replies – Conrad C. Crane, Gates Brown, and John. A. Bonin. A Dialogue on Strategy – Gregory D. Miller, Chris Rogers, Francis J. H. Park, William F. Owen, and Jeffrey W. Meiser.

Parameters VOL. 46 NO. 4 WINTER 2016-17 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. December 01, 2016

Special Commentary: The Army's Identity Crisis by Gates Brown. Toward Strategic Solvency Ensuring Effective Military Voice, by William E. Rapp. The Crisis of American Military Primacy and the Search for Strategic Solvency, by Hal Brands and Eric Edelman. Are Our Strategic Models Flawed? Faith in War: The American Roots of Global Conflict by Gregory A. Daddis. Solving America's Gray-Zone Puzzle, by Isaiah Wilson III and Scott Smitson. Strategic Uncertainty, the Third Offset, and US Grand Strategy by Ionut C. Popescu. Ends + Ways + Means = (Bad) Strategy, by Jeffrey W. Meiser. Regional Issues in Asia: Turning It Up to Eleven: Belligerent Rhetoric in North Korea's Propaganda, by Mason Richey. Foreign Military Education as PLA Soft Power, by John S. Van Oudenaren and Benjamin E. Fisher

Parameters VOL. 46 NO. 3 AUTUMN 2016 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. September 30, 2016

Special Commentary: Rebalancing Offshore Balancing Michael G. Roskin Adapting to Strategic Change Brian McAllister Linn, J. P. Clark, Charles Hornick, Daniel Burkhart, and Dave Shunk Myths about the Army Profession Don M. Snider, C. Anthony Pfaff On Strategic Communications Today James P. Farwell and Darby J. Arakelian Christopher Paul Gideon Avidor and Russell W. Glenn

Parameters VOL. 46 NO. 2 SUMMER 2016 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. June 01, 2016

Special Commentary: Prospects for Peace: The View from Beijing by Jacqueline N. Deal Russian Military Power by Tor Bukkvoll, Bettina Renz Challenges in Asia by Michael A. Spangler, Jin H. Pak War: Theory and Practice by Christopher H. Tuck, Paul R. Norwood, Benjamin M. Jensen, and Justin Barnes

Parameters VOL. 46 NO. 1 SPRING 2016 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. April 01, 2016

Special Commentary: Making Sense of the “Long Wars” Tami Davis Biddle US Leadership and NATO Luis Simón, Alexander Mattelaer, John R. Deni, Magnus Petersson Is Nation-Building a Myth? Charles J. Sullivan, M. Chris Mason Learning from Today’s Wars Ben Nimmo, Roger N. McDermott, Erik W. Goepner

Parameters VOL. 45 NO. 4 WINTER 2015-16 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. December 23, 2015

Special Commentary: Rethinking America’s Grand Strategy by Hal Brands The Efficacy of Landpower by Michael Allen Hunzeker, Alexander Lanoszka, Joseph Roger Clark Professionalism and the Volunteer Military by Don M. Snider, Louis G. Yuengert Putin’s Way of War by Andrew Monaghan On Strategic Leadership by David H. Petraeus

Parameters VOL. 45 NO. 3 AUTUMN 2015 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. September 25, 2015

Special Commentary: Soldiers Fighting Alone by Patrick Porter Strategic Leadership by William E. Rapp, Jason W. Warren Countering Gray-Zone Wars by Jakub Grygiel, William G. Pierce, Douglas G. Douds, & Michael A. Marra Thinking Strategically by Yakov Ben-Haim, David Patrick Houghton Regional Challenges by Ted Middleton, Daniel Morgan

Parameters VOL. 45 NO. 2 SUMMER 2015 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. July 01, 2015

Has the US Lost the Ability to Fight a Major War? by Steven Metz The US Military in Africa by Kristen A. Harkness, Kertsi Larsdotter Threats Within and Without by, Amy Zegart, John R. Deni Toward a Smarter Military by Robert R. Tomes, Everett S.P. Spain, J.D. Mohundro, & Bernard B. Banks Kick the Door Down with AirSea Battle…Then What? by Martin N. Murphy

Parameters VOL. 45 NO. 1 Spring 2015 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. May 01, 2015

Fighting the “Islamic State”: The Case for US Ground Forces by David E. Johnson Megacities: Pros and Cons by Kevin M. Felix, Frederick D. Wong, Michael Evans, William G. Adamson Culture and the US Army by Matthew Morton, Charles D. Allen, Andrew Hill Changes in War's Character by Glenn J. Voelz, Benjamin M. Jensen

Parameters VOL. 44 NO 4 WINTER 2014-15 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. December 04, 2014

Asia Pacific: Reassessing China by David Lai, Thomas M. Kane, Timothy L. Thomas, Christopher Bowen Johnston Middle East: Defeating the Islamic State by Huba Wass de Czege, Paul Rexton Kan A War Examined: Gaza 2014 by Eitan Shamir, Eado Hecht, Glenn E. Robinson Civil-Military Relations & Military Ethics by Thomas Crosbie, David L. Perry Special Commentary: Considering Why We Lost by Tami Davis Biddle