Parameters VOL. 50 NO. 2 Summer 2020 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. May 15, 2020

Special Commentary: "The Compound Security Dilemma" by Isaiah Wilson III and Scott A. Smitson. "Geostrategic Net Estimate" by John R. Deni, Nathan P. Freier, and John H. Schaus. "Geostrategic Forecasting" by Carol V. Evans, Marybeth P. Ulrich, and G. K. Cunningham. "Leadership and Innovation" by Steven Metz, C. Anthony Pfaff, and Michael E. Lynch. "Applied Strategic Art" by Samantha A. Taylor, Amanda B. Cronkhite, Earl J. Catagnus Jr., Jonathan P. Klug, and John A. Bonin.

Parameters VOL. 50 NO. 3 Autumn 2020 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. August 14, 2020

Special Commentary: "Disintegrating the Enemy" by Jacqueline N. Deal. COVID-19: Nina Jankowicz, Henry Collis, Ryan J. Scott, Odelle J. Means, and Patricia M. Shields. Race and Inclusivity in the US Military: Douglas W. Bristol Jr. and Danelle R. Gamble.Technological Innovation: Audrey Kurth Cronin and Jason Healey. Regional Challenges: Michael J. Eisenstadt, Kenneth M. Pollack, and David M. Finkelstein

Parameters VOL. 50 NO.4 Winter 2020-21 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. November 20, 2020

In Focus: "Challenging Prevailing Models of US Army Suicide" by Tim Hoyt and Pamela M. Holtz. War, Gender, and Civilians: Jody M. Prescott, Andrew M. Bell, and Raymond A. Millen. Lessons from Afghanistan: Jan Ångström and Philipp Münch. Regional Challenges: Philip Y. Kao, Christopher J. Bolan, Jerad I. Harper, and Joel R. Hillison.

Parameters VOL. 51 NO.1 Spring 2021 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. March 02, 2021

Prospectives 2021 - US Strategic Landpower: Carol V. Evans and Nora Bensahel; US Civil-Military Relations: Rosa Brooks and Risa Brooks; US National Security: Anne-Marie Slaughter and Nadia Schadlow; Retrospectives 1971 - Strategic Organization: John S. Kem and James G. Breckenridge and Jonathan P. Klug; (Un)civil-Military Relations: C. Anthony Pfaff and Julia L. E. Pfaff; Regional Challenges: Robert E. Hamilton and W. Andrew Terrill; Learning from the Past: J. P. Clark and Michael Neiberg.

Parameters VOL. 51 NO. 2 Summer 2021 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. May 18, 2021

In Focus: Senior Leader Dissent, Conrad C. Crane; Two Sides of COIN, M. Chris Mason and Darren Colby; Allies and Partners Jean-Yves Haines, Cynthia Salloum, Tongifi Kim, Luis Simon; Strategy and Doctrine Austin C. Doctor, James Walsh, Ann Mezzell, J. Wesley Hutto, Robert S. Ehlers Jr., Partrick Blannin

Parameters VOL. 51 NO. 3 Autumn 2021 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. August 25, 2021

In Focus: Extremism in the US Military Matthew Valasik and Shannon E. Reid Crisis Management and Risk Leonard R. Hawley, prologue by Michèle Flournoy Wade A. Germann and Heather S. Gregg Jason W. Warren and John A. Bonin Soft Power and Military Aid Michael W. Wissemann Gregory L. Aftandilian Leadership and Professionalism Brian McAllister Linn Everett Spain, Gautam Mukunda, and Archie Bates Ilmari Käihkö

Parameters Issue Vol. 51 No. 4 Winter 2021 – 22 Edited by: Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria. November 22, 2021

In Focus, Afghanistan, Todd Greentree, Regional Issues, Jared M. McKinney and Peter Harris, Roman Muzalevsky, Strategy and Planning, Frank Hoffman, Air Littoral, Maximilian K. Bremer, Kelly A. Grieco, In Tribute, Lukas Milevski, Review Essay, Mitchell G. Klingenberg,

Parameters Vol 52 No 1 Spring 2022 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. March 09, 2022

In Focus: Civil-Military Relations, Guidelines for Politically Charged Societies, Patrick Paterson, Highlighting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Danielle Holt and Susan Davis Andrea M. Peters, Michael A. Washington, Lolita Burrell, and James Ness, Understanding a Changing China, Gustavo Ferreira and Jamie Critelli, C. Anthony Pfaff Confronting Complex Security Dilemmas, Gerald J. Krieger, Meghan Fitzpatrick, Ritu Gill, and Jennifer F. Giles, Educating Military Officers, Zhirayr Amirkhanyan James R. McKay, H. Christian Breede, Ali Dizboni, and Pierre Jolicouer, In the Spotlight: Dealing with the Russians, by Andrew Monaghan

Parameters Vol 52 No 2 Summer Issue Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. May 18, 2022

Dysfunctional Warfare: The Russian Invasion of Ukraine Rob Johnson Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine in 2022: Implications for Strategic Studies Antulio J. Echevarria II Russia and China Ryan J. Orsini Mark T. Vicik Beyond Conventional War Brandon Colas Zachary Kallenborn Lessons from History Tami Davis Biddle Alexander G. Lovelace SRAD Director’s Corner Russia’s Strategy and Its War on Ukraine George Shatzer

Parameters VOL. 50 NO. 1 Spring 2020 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. February 13, 2020

Special Commentary: #FakeNews in #NatSec; Amanda B. Cronkhite, Wenshuo Zhang, and Leslie Caughell. Civil-Military Relations; John C. Binkley and Zachary E. Griffiths. Adapting to Adaptive Adversaries; Jean-Loup C. Samaan, Ashley Neese-Bybee, Paul Clarke, and Alexander Noyes. Strategic Lieutenants Part II; Carsten F. Roennfeldt, Dorthe Bach Nyemann, and Jørgen Staun