Parameters VOL. 50 NO. 1 Spring 2020 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. February 13, 2020

Special Commentary: #FakeNews in #NatSec; Amanda B. Cronkhite, Wenshuo Zhang, and Leslie Caughell. Civil-Military Relations; John C. Binkley and Zachary E. Griffiths. Adapting to Adaptive Adversaries; Jean-Loup C. Samaan, Ashley Neese-Bybee, Paul Clarke, and Alexander Noyes. Strategic Lieutenants Part II; Carsten F. Roennfeldt, Dorthe Bach Nyemann, and Jørgen Staun

Parameters VOL. 49 NO. 4 Winter 2019-20 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. November 22, 2019

FEATURES: "War Colleges: A Debate" articles by Richard D. Hooker Jr. and Richard A. Lacquement Jr. "Afghanistan’s Lessons: Part II" articles by Sten Rynning, Harald Høiback, and Rhys Crawley. "Strategic Lieutenants" articles by Scott A. Silverstone and An Jacobs

Parameters VOL. 49 NO. 3 Autumn 2019 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. September 20, 2019

FEATURES: Special Commentary: "Learning Lessons from Afghanistan: Two Imperatives" by Hew Strachan. "Afghanistan's Lessons: Part I" articles by Seth A. Johnston, Howard G. Cooms, Martijn Kitzen, and Christophe Lafaye. "World War II: 75th Anniversary" articles by Conrad C. Crane and Alexander G. Lovelace

Parameters VOL. 49 NO. 1–2 Spring–Summer 2019 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. July 18, 2019

FEATURES: A2/AD Myths: Chinese & Russian – "Anti-Access Strategies in the Pacific: The United States and China" by Sam J. Tangredi. "Russia's A2/AD Capabilities: Real and Imagined" by Keir Giles and Mathieu Boulegue. Enhancing Security & Stability – "Human Security in the Arctic: Implications for the United States Army" by C. Anthony Pfaff. "Projecting Stability: A Deployable NATO Police Command" by Massimo Pani and Karen J. Finkenbinder. On Strategic Foundations – "Analogical Thinking: The Sine Qua Non for Using History Well" by Richard A Lacquement, Jr. "Reconsidering Sun Tzu" by John F. Sullivan. Commentary and Reply. Book Reviews

Parameters VOL. 48 NO. 4 Winter 2018-19 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. May 06, 2019

FEATURES: Special Commentary "Civil-Military Relations and Today’s Policy Environment" by Thomas N. Garner. Coercion: New Means & Methods. "Social Media Warriors: Leveraging a New Battlespace" by Buddhika B. Jayamaha and Jahara Matisek. "Multidimensionality: Rethinking Power Projection for the 21st Century" by David J. Katz. Technological Innovation: Problems & Prospects: "High-Energy Laser Weapons: Overpromising Readiness" by Ash Rossiter. "Innovation Tradecraft: Sustaining Technological Advantage in the Future Army" by Adam Jay Harrison, Bharat Rao, and Bala Mulloth. Technological Change & War's Nature: "Profession at the Crossroads" by Lieutenant Colonel Donn A. Starry.

Parameters VOL. 48 NO. 3 Autumn 2018 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. January 16, 2019

FEATURES: Challenges for Civil-Military Relations: "Policy Revolt: Army Opposition to the Korea Withdrawal Plan On Alliances and Coalitions" by Eric B. Setzekorn. "The Walter Reed Scandal and the All-Volunteer Force" by Richard G. Malish. On Alliances and Coalitions: "Fighting and Learning in the Great War" by Kelly A. Greico. "India-US Relations" by Vinay Kaura. "Toward a Whole-of-Government Approach" by Paul E. Vera Delzo. On Clausewitz: "Reclaiming Clausewitz's Theory of Victory" by Richard M. Milburn. "A Clausewitzian Response to 'Hyperwarfare'" by Brandon T. Euhus. Plus, Military History, Irregular Warfare, Security Studies, and Book Reviews!

Parameters VOL. 48 NO. 2 SUMMER 2018 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. October 04, 2018

FEATURES: Special Commentary. “The Military as Social Experiment: Challenging a Trope” by Jacqueline E. Whitt and Elizabeth A. Perazzo. Teaching Strategy. “Stuff Happens: Understanding Causation in Policy and Strategy” by Andrew A. Hill and Stephen J. Gerras. “Comparative Strategy in Professional Military Education” by Jean-Loup Samaan. Nontraditional War. “Russia’s Military and Security Privatization” by Christopher R. Spearin. “Russia’s Frozen Conflicts and the Donbas” by Erik J. Grossman. Traditional War. “Fighting Russia? Modeling the Baltic Scenarios” by Ben S. Wermeling. “The Conventionality of Russia’s Unconventional Warfare” by Patrick J. Savage.

Parameters VOL. 48 NO. 1 SPRING 2018 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. June 25, 2018

FEATURES: Special Commentary. “Right vs. Right: Personal Beliefs vs. Professional Obligations” by Linell A. Letendre and Martin L. Cook. Illusions of Victory. "LTG MacFarland: Insights on Illusions of Victory and Iraq” by Russell W. Glenn. “Avoiding Nation-Building: From Nixon to Trump” by Dominic Tierney. 21st Century Political Warfare. “Countering Russian Meddling in US Political Processes” by James P. Farwell. “Countering Russian Disinformation” by Timothy P. McGeehan. “Victory without Casualties: Russia’s Information Operations” by T. S. Allen and A. J. Moore. Special Relationships. “Brexit and the Anglo-American Security and Defense Partnership” by James K. Wither. “Brexit and Transatlantic Security” by Arthur I. Cyr. “US Landpower and an Indo-American Alliance” by Samir Tata.

Parameters VOL. 47 NO. 4 WINTER 2017–18 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. March 08, 2018

FEATURES: Exploring War’s Character & Nature. "Clausewitz’s Theory of War and Victory in Contemporary Conflict" by Emile Simpson. "Will War’s Nature Change in the Seventh Military Revolution?" by F. G. Hoffman. Learning from Military Transformations. "Lessons Unlearned: Army Transformation and Low-Intensity Conflict" by Pat Proctor. "Navigating the Third Offset Strategy" by Damon V. Coletta. Regional Challenges. "Deterrence & Security Assistance: The South China Sea" by Tommy Ross. "The Belarus Factor in European Security" by Alexander Lanoszka. "Making Peace: Next Steps in Colombia" by Seth Cantey and Ricardo Correa. Army Expansibility. "Expansibility and Army Intelligence" by Rose P. Keravuori. "Expansibility and Army Special Operations Forces" by Eric P. Shwedo.

Parameters VOL. 47 NO. 3 AUTUMN 2017 Edited by: Dr Antulio J Echevarria II. November 30, 2017

FEATURES: Special Commentary. Limits of Negative Peace, Faces of Positive Peace — Patricia M. Shields. A Wake for Counterinsurgency? Abandoning Counterinsurgency: Reviving Antiterrorism Strategy—Steven Metz. Insurgent Defectors in Counterinsurgencies—Jacqueline L. Hazelton. War among (& for) the People. Rethinking NATO Policy on the Protection of Civilians—Sten Rynning. Military Force and Mass Migration in Europe—Matthew N. Metzel and John M. Lorenzen. War and Social Perception. Casualties of Their Own Success: The 2011 Urination Incident in Afghanistan—Paolo G. Tripodi and David M. Todd. Third-Force Influences: Hollywood’s War Films—John Chapin, Marissa Mendoza- Burcham, and Mari Pierce. Army Expansibility. Expanding Brigade Combat Teams: Is the Training Base Adequate?—Esli T. Pitts. Rapid Expansion and the Army’s Matériel: Is There Enough?—Robb C. Mitchell.