Alternative Strategy for Destroying ISIS

  • September 17, 2016
  • Lieutenant Colonel Mike Zernickow

In spring 2013, the world sees the emergence of ISIS as a terrorist organization as they start wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq. ISIS now controls territory to give them operational capability and to manage logistics. Terrorism is the dominant feature today, and ISIS is now attacking abroad. Based on their radical ideology, destroying ISIS is important to maintaining regional / global order and security. The current United States strategy hinges on destroying ISIS through a comprehensive air campaign and limited advisors operating in Syria and Iraq. The preponderance of the burden to date has been placed on the United States due to a limited coalition not willing to contribute as much military power or resources. The United States needs to take a different approach in U.S. foreign policy and build a stronger coalition through diplomacy. Without effective boots the ground, a coalition of necessity is required to destroy ISIS.