Strategic Development of Army Contingency Contracting Administration Services (CCAS)

  • September 17, 2016
  • Colonel Robert L Ralston

In the recent past, the Army has found itself woefully underprepared to conduct contingency contracting operations, requiring substantial augmentation from outside Agencies and Services. The Army is directed to add Contingency Contracting Administrative Services (CCAS) to its capabilities, relying on Army Contracting Command to assume full transition of responsibilities in January, 2016. This paper will exhibit that CCAS is essential to future military operations and when failure to ensure sufficient CCAS operations has occurred, astronomical loss has ensued. It will provide an operational framework recommending strategic changes to enhance Army contracting capabilities commensurate with providing adequate, responsible and sustained contracting services for future operations. The time has come that the Army expand its efforts and treat contracting administration services as a core competency by resourcing, training and equipping ACC for future contractor heavy contingency operations.