The Cyber Domain: Defining it and Norming Users’ Behavior

  • September 17, 2016
  • Lieutenant Colonel Joshua Keisler

The cyber revolution is changing the characteristics of warfare. The land, sea, and air domains each have their own theorists who have attempted to provide the principals of warfare. Cyber does not have its own defining grand theorist, but perhaps it does not need one. Sun Tzu outlined an enduring framework for tactics. Kautilya provided a theory on statecraft. Clausewitz, Jomini, Mahan, Douhet and countless other theorists have provided characteristics of warfare that cross domain boundaries. Cyber does not need its own theorist. Existing theory sufficiently provides principals of warfare within the cyber domain. More so than theory, the cyber domain needs definition and behavioral norms. In order to maintain freedom within cyberspace, while also securing public, commercial, and governmental access, a framework for governance is needed. The U.S. should take an active role in leading the international community in developing a set of cyber norms.