Maritime Contribution to National Arctic Strategy

  • September 17, 2016
  • Commander Jeff Guerrero

2013 National Strategy for the Arctic Region establishes the line of effort, “advance United States Security interests in the Arctic”, and stipulates that we must "enable our vessels and aircraft to operate through, under, and over the airspace and waters of the Arctic." While U.S. submarines have a proven track record of under-ice capability, U.S. surface force has limited capability to operate in the Arctic region except for a few weeks in mid to late summer. Expanding U.S. surface force capability to support Joint, Coalition or Interagency operations for longer durations will require additional resources in order to increase maritime capability in the Arctic. This paper will explore U.S. National Objectives in the Arctic, Strategic Concepts and National Power, available through current surface force capabilities, and project whether future maritime force capabilities require adjustment or alignment to support the overall Arctic Strategy.