Military Police as the Lead Phase IV Policing Strategy

  • September 17, 2016
  • Lieutenant Colonel Richard J. Ball

This paper advocates that Military Police are the most viable force to “establish police primacy as the military exit strategy” as part of Phase IV operations. The concept of Rule of Law and its importance to the legitimacy of governance and its necessity as part of re-establishing a police force during transition and stability operations is reviewed. Historical case studies will compare where Military Police were used successfully in transition law enforcement tasks as well as instances where they were not at the forefront in assisting with Rule of Law and police operations and the corresponding affects. Alternative forces to Military Police will be assessed for their capabilities and capacity to support Rule of Law and post conflict police units. Lastly, current force structure capabilities, partnering initiatives with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies within the United States and advancements in professionalism and certifications within the Military Police will also be explored. These points will reinforce that Military Police are best qualified to bridge the transition between military forces and post conflict police forces during Stability operations.