Developing Measures for Cross-Cutting Principles of Stabilization and Reconstruction

  • September 17, 2016
  • Lieutenant Colonel David R. AnzaldĂșa

This paper builds on the Guiding Principles for Stabilization and Reconstruction manual and the Measuring Progress in Conflict Environments (MPICE) metrics framework. The Guiding Principles manual outlines strategic principles for conducting stability and reconstruction (S&R) operations and serves as a foundation for the development of S&R mission priorities. The manual espouses five major end states and seven cross-cutting principles to guide the execution of S&R missions. The MPICE companion publication provides recommended objectives, goals, indicators and measures for each of the five end states, but does not include measures for the seven cross-cutting principles. Based on the research conducted, the paper proposes outcome-based objectives, goals, indicators and measures for measuring progress for the first four of the seven cross-cutting principles of the stabilization and reconstruction framework. A discussion on why S&R competencies remain important to the U.S. military, the contemporary environment in which these missions are being conducted and the evolution of metrics in the S&R community are also included.