Winning Teams for a Complex World

  • September 17, 2016
  • Colonel Steven J. Adams

Winning in a complex world requires more than highly trained, educated, and experienced individual soldiers and leaders. While our greatest asset is the American Soldier, the Army is a team of teams and winning depends on how effectively Army leaders are able to harness the collective knowledge and power of teams to achieve success. Cohesive and effective teams provide a competitive advantage to the Army as it navigates through a complex and rapidly changing strategic environment. Building winning teams requires growing effective leaders, creating a positive command climate, and placing a greater focus on the team rather than the individual. From a review of academic leadership concepts, effective leaders focus on trust, commitment, purpose, and communication when developing quality teams. To better develop the next generation of Army leaders to build winning teams for a complex world, the Army should mandate command climate surveys at the Brigade and Battalion level; update ADP 6-22, Army Leadership, to reflect a greater emphasis on teams; and mandate that leaders conduct a follow-up personalized assessment with professional coaches as part of the MSAF360 Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback.