The Advantage of Aligned Joint Task Force Division Headquarters

  • September 01, 2014
  • Lieutenant Colonel Timothy C. Davis

Regionally Aligned Forces are the ways that the Army accomplishes its ends of being “globally responsive and regionally engaged” with reduced means in forces, headquarters, and budgets. Achieving the Army Vision through the RAF concept requires stronger commitment in habitual alignment of headquarters, units, and individuals and holistic commitment by the joint and Army community in enabling corps and divisions to be a Joint Task Force (JTF)-Capable Headquarters. This paper explains the interconnection of the Joint Vision 2020, the Army Vision, and RAF concept to posture forces for the future; then examines the impact for the corps and division as JTFs. The paper explores the approach by CENTCOM with 1AD in Jordan and the development of the Pacific Pathways concept by USARPAC under the RAF concept. The Army must improve across Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership, Personnel, and Facility (DOTMLPF) to truly regionally align and enable corps and divisions as JTFs to prevent, shape, and win.