Leadership Responsibilities to Support an Army’s Campaign on Property Accountability

  • September 01, 2014
  • Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Ross Davis

The requirements generated from the past decade of war have resulted in leaders in the United States Army concerned less with the accountability of government property as more time was spent preparing for combat operations. With the current fiscal constrained environment, the Army must concern itself with accounting for property. It can no longer simply purchase additional items when shortages are identified as was done in the past. Strategically, property accountability impacts unit readiness. Unit readiness impacts the Army’s ability to provide the Combatant Commander with trained and ready forces. Given these challenges, the Army has launched a comprehensive campaign on property accountability. Although company commanders own the property in the Army, they alone cannot solve this issue. This paper argues that engaged leadership at all levels from squad leader to senior Army leaders is required to achieve success in the Army’s campaign on property accountability.