Pacific Pathways, Adding Landpower to the Joint Force

  • September 15, 2015
  • Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell O. Watkins

In September 2014, the Army deployed a Stryker Brigade Combat Team from Joint Base Lewis McCord to Indonesia and Malaysia, completing exercises in Japan. The exercise, called Pacific Pathways is serving as a new model to project Landpower into the Pacific. Pathways trains better warfighters who understand the people, culture and environments in the AOR. Pathways deployments and exercises prevent conflict by demonstrating a credible U.S. Landpower commitment. Pathways programs shape the security environment by building military capacity within allies and partners. Pathways is effectively supporting the USPACOM Commander’s theater engagement strategy while reassuring friendly nations of the United States commitment to security in the Asia-Pacific Region. The additional Landpower Pathways brings to the AOR provides the USPACOM Commander with a better foundational force; one that can enable the joint force in achieving limited objectives, set the theater for follow on operations, respond to disaster relief or small contingencies, or serve as the foundation for larger operations.