What is the Mortar in the Department of Defense’s Cyberforce Firewall?

  • September 01, 2014
  • Colonel Kenneth L. Cypher

The March 2013 Director of National Intelligence Worldwide Threat Assessment ranked cyber threats as the number one threat to National Security. The Department of Defense is working towards addressing the national security threat from cyberspace nefarious actors but, DoD is lethargic due to entrenched thoughts and bureaucratic processes. This paper addresses entrenched thoughts of network centricity. Network operations are not cyberspace combat operations. There are two distinct separate operational communities in cyberspace. Department of Defense information network operations are combat support, sustainment, and cyberspace resiliency operations. Defensive and offensive cyberspace operations are combat operations. Each community must have a distinctly different focus but must be under on command authority to ensure integration to defend the seams from adversary exploitation.