Capturing the Art of Command for Army 2025

  • September 15, 2015
  • Colonel James R. Salome

The art of command, how leaders apply judgment shaped by learning and experiencing their environment, has atrophied over the last 14 years of war. The length of the global war on terrorism, the inability to achieve decisive victory, and the return to Iraq in 2014 reveal a lack of artful command. The complex and ambiguous character of future conflict continues to require judgment under pressure and leaders to rely on their training to produce results. Leaders caught astride a transition between the Industrial Age and a new Information Age struggle to adapt to additional complexity. Generational tensions add strain between leaders educated by sequential Industrial Age models and those educated in a rapidly globalizing Information Age. This monograph will describe how Operational Design provides a tool to restore the art of command, reinforced with examples from transformational business practices and change experts. This restoration requires leaders who commit to demonstrate the art of command, operationalize it, and institutionalize its use.