Africa’s WMD Proliferation Threat: Intersection of Availability, Opportunity and Desire

  • September 15, 2015
  • Colonel Kris N. Perkins

In the realm of WMD-related capability proliferation, the intersection of availability, opportunity and desire has the potential to be the United States’ and our international partner’s most significant nonproliferation challenge for the 21st century. Africa is a continent where availability, opportunity and desire intersect creating a high risk of actors of concern acquiring capabilities to develop, proliferate and eventually employ WMD. To ensure the U.S. achieves the DOD end state of “no new WMD possession,” the U.S. must implement a “whole of government” approach to address the WMD-related capabilities proliferation threat presented within Africa. This approach can begin with an already established National Security Policy and Interagency system that informs diplomacy, development, and defense planning at the regional and country levels.