Recruiting the Best and Brightest Soldiers

  • September 15, 2015
  • Colonel Daniel E. O’Grady

The United States Army is downsizing. It is critical that we recruit and retain the best and brightest, ensuring our ability to meet complex, unpredictable missions in more effective and efficient ways. The United States Army relies on an all-volunteer force to execute its assigned missions while simultaneously maintaining its congressionally mandated end-strength. The number of soldiers and their ability to conduct full-spectrum operations directly impacts the Army’s ability to execute the National Military Strategy. As the Army continues to procure and use technologically advanced equipment to help counterbalance reduction in forces, it will need to recruit those individuals that demonstrate the capability to quickly learn and apply new skill sets. This paper will outline a strategy and provide recommendations for ensuring the United States Army Recruiting Command can best compete for and acquire the talent the Army requires between now and 2025.