An Analysis on the Development of Next Generation Logistics Leaders

  • September 15, 2015
  • Lieutenant Colonel Donald A. MacCuish

This paper provided an analysis of leadership development strategies that are applicable to logistics officer education. It concludes that the Logistics Leadership Development Strategy puts the Army on the right track in developing logistics officers through education. Although on the right track, the paper also argued that the LLDS is insular in its view of leadership development. Criteria for analysis was developed from various white papers, futures concepts, and theories of professional education. Additionally, trends in public and private logistics and supply chain education was reviewed. The paper was divided into three sections, first the Framework. In this section the author provided a synopsis of the competencies and skills required of future logistics leaders based on recently published Army and Joint concepts and strategies. The second section offers a critique of the framework laid out in section I, answering the question “can the LLDS develop the future logisticians the criteria call for, and why”? Section III then offers some recommendations on changes that should be made to existing logistics education to better meet the strategy for developing future army logistics officers.