RAF Concept’s Impact on the Movement and Maneuver Warfighting Function

  • September 01, 2014
  • Colonel Phillip A. Chambers

The Army’s regionally aligned forces (RAF) concept is a viable approach to provide trained and ready forces to combatant commanders (CCDRs). This paper examines the impact of the RAF concept on the movement and maneuver warfighting function (WfF), specific to a brigade combat team (BCT). The evidence indicates that the RAF concept increases the demand for reconnaissance operations to meet corresponding information requirements. Further examination of the RAF concept and the current Army force generation (ARFORGEN) process suggests that the current system requires adjustment to support an Army-wide readiness management philosophy that prepares RAF-designated forces and maintains a higher level of base readiness across the force. The RAF concept expands the movement and maneuver WfF’s role in deterring conflict and shaping the operational environment. An increased exposure to a region will amplify expertise that will better enable maneuver forces to effectively conduct unified land operations.