Broadening Leaders Through Engaged Institutional Knowledge Sharing

  • September 15, 2015
  • Lieutenant Colonel Frank P. Intini III

The Army’s currently accepted concept of “broadening” leaders focuses on individual development through a series of experiential opportunities. This paper explores the possibility of expanding the concept of broadening leaders and enhancing their ability to adapt to an increasingly complex world through a re-focus on integrating the systems and processes which were established in an effort to make the Army a learning institution. Specifically, it proposes we consider the benefits afforded by the Army’s Historical Program, potential areas for greater synergy between several post 9-11 institutions which capture experience-based insights, inculcating historical insights into the training development and reporting aspects of the Unit Training Management system, and further emphasis on “historical-mindedness” and the assets available to achieve it in our revised doctrine. This shift in philosophy reflects a logical evolution in empowered leadership rather than a revolution in leader development and, as such, may be possible through the limited reorganization and repurposing of existing assets with no growth in manpower or materiel.