Pacific Pathways as a Proof of Concept

  • September 15, 2015
  • COL Joseph E Hilbert

In 2014 USARPAC began Pacific Pathways describing it as a proof of principle or concept. This paper will examine how well Pacific Pathways functioned as a proof of concept. First, this paper will define specifically how Pacific Pathways was designed to function as a proof of concept. It will then examine how proof of concept and proof of principle experiments are conducted in the private sector and determine what analogies can be made between how those experiments are done and how they are done in the organizational environment. This paper will discuss causal functions and will show how understanding causality is a pre-requisite for learning organizations to actually prove a concept. The paper will then look at Pacific Pathways 14 and examine how well it functioned as a proof of concept and will look at the tools USARPAC and I Corps used to evaluate it. Finally, the paper will conclude with a set of recommendations showing how USARPAC can conduct and evaluate future Pathways using a revised proof of concept model.