A System Program Review of Army Medical Department Leader Development

  • September 15, 2015
  • Lieutenant Colonel Roger S. Giraud

The Army Medical Department (AMEDD) currently has an opportunity to support the Army Leader Development Strategy, the Army Campaign Plan, and the Army Operating Concept in identifying an integrated model for developing leaders by conducting a system program review of AMEDD leader development. This review is capable of reducing the tension between the provision of quality medicine and quality leadership by establishing leader competencies as the foundation and through the identification and prioritization of other health care competencies. These competencies will enable the objectives, concepts, and resources of an AMEDD leader development strategy through three lines of effort: training, education, and experience and provide competency assessment tools in all three leader-training domains. The review will allow the Army to make an informed decision and assume any appropriate risk regarding its medical department. The health care environment is a volatile, complex system, which requires strong leaders to lead AMEDD organizations in it. Soldiers and beneficiaries deserve great leadership and quality health care. The Army and the AMEDD can provide both through a strong AMEDD leader development system.