• November 06, 2020
  • Dr Conrad C Crane, Dr Thomas P. Galvin, Paul Mikolashek

This book explores the meaning of "responsible" in responsible command. What are the key skills, competencies, or attributes that separate success as a commander from that of any other leader within an organization? At the heart of the book is a study conducted at the U.S. Army War College to uncover those unique qualities that commanders require and expound more on the authorities and responsibilities inherent in command that cannot be easily delegated. Five themes emerged from the study and each are explored here in depth: (1) control & control and strategic direction, (2) focus of the defense enterprise, (3) requirements to establish climates for lawful action, (4) requirements to master complexity, and (5) serving as the needle of the organization's moral compass. Paul Mikolashek contributed the Preface and co-authored one chapter, while Con Crane contributes a case study on General Matthew Ridgway.