Strategic Leader Meta-Competencies

  • October 28, 2020
  • Stephen Banks, David Eckley, Colonel Silas G. Martinez, Mark Stackle, Prof Louis G Yuengert

The monograph Strategic Leader Meta-Competencies was written by a group of U.S. Army War College students under faculty supervision in support of the Army Talent Management Task Force. Their stated intent is to help inform the development of the Colonel Command Assessment Program (CCAP), whose inaugural implementation took place in September of 2020. The first iteration of CCAP drew significantly from the Battalion Command Assessment Program (BCAP) that was successfully implemented in 2019-2020. BCAP’s focus is on “fit for command” issues primarily. Future iterations of CCAP will focus more fully on identifying officers with the most strategic potential (among other factors). This work is intended to help shape how the Army assesses strategic potential in future CCAP iterations.