Futures Seminar 2017 - The United States Army in 2035 and Beyond

  • December 01, 2017
  • Mr Samuel R White Jr

In an effort to define what the Nation needs from its Army in 2035, it is first important to briefly describe what the future environment and threats look like. It is safe to assume that nuclear war has not occurred in 2035 and it’s safe to assume that the “4+1” still remain as the nation’s serious threats. However, it is possible that of the 4 main peer-peer threats, China will be diminished as a military threat. This will be due in part to the U.S. and Chinese economies being so inextricably linked as to prevent the use of force. In 2035, The Multi-Domain Battle concept will have matured into doctrine and will be trained in Army formations and tested at the Combat Training Centers. The years between now and 2035 will be a time of increased military competition. Our adversaries and allies will constantly struggle for numerical and technological superiority on the battlefield. In the year 2035, the U.S. Army will possess increased lethality, be lighter and more mobile, operate with dispersion as a norm of ground combat and will have leveraged current and future technology to gain discreet advantages over our adversaries.