AY17 Introduction to Strategic Studies and Global Security Symposium Course Directive

  • August 12, 2016
  • Dr Richard A Lacquement Jr, Cdr Michelle Daigle Winegardner

The Introduction to Strategic Studies (ISS) Course is the first course of the Resident Education Program at the United States Army War College. The course uses a case study to introduce students to the overarching themes of the academic year. The Persian Gulf War provides a fascinating case study of key national security themes that cut across all the major elements of the School of Strategic Landpower’s core resident education program. Strategic leadership, policy, strategy, defense management, and theater strategy and operations play out in interesting and intricate ways that draw attention not just to the use of the military instrument in war to achieve specific national security policy aims, but to an understanding of national security and the wider array of instruments of national power. During ISS and throughout the core curriculum, students have focused on a variety of issues and have taken those issues to a particular depth of discussion and analysis. The Global Security Symposium (GSS) allows the focus to come upwards and expand across the entire core curriculum, thus providing synthesis and analysis for a variety of subjects and learning outcomes. It focuses on contemporary national security issues relevant to students’ future assignments. Through GSS, students will leave the War College with a better appreciation for the challenges every senior leader will face in the future.