Futures Seminar 2016 - The United States Army in 2030 and Beyond (Vol. 3)

  • January 27, 2017
  • Mr Samuel R White Jr

In 1994 the Army embarked on the Army After Next (AAN) study plan to explore new concepts and think innovatively about how the Army would fight in the future. Envisioned as way to develop the Army after Force XXI (thought to be the Army of 2025), the AAN project was chartered by the Chief of Staff of the Army and grew to involve a wide range of participants. The Army War College contributed to the AAN effort through strategic wargames, experimentation and student and faculty research. One of the initiatives was the AAN Seminar – a special program in Academic Year 1997 – composed of students who were interested in contributing to the development of the future Army. The current Army War College Futures Seminar is loosely modeled on the AAN Seminar. As with the AAN seminar, Future Seminar students and faculty collaborate to explore the Army of the Future…in this case, the Army of 2030 and beyond. As with previous years, the seminar focused on the requirements for an Army of the future – and sought to explore the question: “What kind of Army does the nation need in 2030 and beyond?” This 3rd annual compendium is one output of their thoughts.