Rebalancing the Force: Weighing the Roles of the Components

  • December 15, 2003
  • Prof James O Kievit, LTC Robert W Lindemann, LTC John C Traylor, Prof Bert B Tussing

Current rebalancing efforts underway within the Army will significantly reshape both the active and reserve components. Changes in mission focus, resource assignments, force structure and mobilizations processes are all likely as the Army seeks to implement the Secretary of Defense's guidance to rebalance the force. Recommendations include: RC volunteerism, Maintaining the Total Force Policy, Deployment Incentive Programs, Increased National Guard role in Homeland Defense, Expanded responsibilities for Joint State National Guard Headquarters, Transforming "mobilization" to "transition to active duty", Maintain warfighting roles in the RC, Developing and sustaining specialized CBRNE capabilities for "the domestic front" within DHS. Concluding that "Rebalancing the Force" is critical to executing the National Security Strategy.