Maritime Threats Workshop

  • October 15, 2004
  • Dr Kent H Butts, LTC Curtis W Turner, Cdr Robert L Wohlschlegel

Southeast Asia faces five maritime security challenges: piracy, maritime terrorism, transnational criminal trafficking operations, refugees and illegal migration, and protecting energy routes. The United States-Republic of the Philippines co-hosted the Maritime Threats Workshop held in Cebu, Republic of the Philippines on 26-30 July 2004, focused on promoting multilateral interoperability and cooperation on maritime and environmental issues that foster terrorism; identifying maritime and transnational threats; discussing solutions to these issues; developing maritime protection capabilities; encouraging military support to civil authority; facilitating international and interagency cooperation (to include NGO/IOs); and strengthening the bonds between the military and civilian organizations. The workshop identified opportunities for regional defense security cooperation in responding to maritime and marine resource threats.