The Fourth Annual USAWC Reserve Component Workshop: The Role of the National Guard in Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • October 15, 2005
  • COL Richard W Dillon, Prof James O Kievit, Prof Bert B Tussing

The Department of Defense believes that one of the most essential and promising areas of employment for the National Guard in defense of the homeland is in the area of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). Seeking to validate this approach and assist in the development of implementing activities was the approach of the Center for Strategic Leadership's fourth annual Reserve Component workshop, Reinforcing the First Line of Defense: The Role of the National Guard in Critical Infrastructure Protection, conducted on 15-17 August 2005. Workshop participants examined the perspective of agencies and entities within and outside of the Department of Defense and used these perspectives as a springboard for the follow-on workshop groups to examine a series of questions to discern potential paths the National Guard might take, or reject, in support of Critical Infrastructure Protection. A final plenary session provided the assembled participants an opportunity to review and critique the individual work groups' findings and insights.