Support to Civil Authority in Seismic Disasters: Regional Initiatives (U.S. Pacific Command Southeast Asia Seismic Disaster Preparedness Conference)

  • February 15, 2006
  • Arthur L Bradshaw, Dr Kent H Butts, Prof Bernard F Griffard

The "Ring of Fire" is a tough neighborhood. Covering a vast area in the Pacific Ocean region, it is the home of the majority of the world's active volcanoes and a series of dynamic tectonic plates that produce frequent, sometimes violent seismic events. While this is a fact of life in the region, the Tsunami of December 2004 provided additional impetus for the region's nations to explore additional measures for disaster preparedness. With this as their focus, senior civilian and military emergency planning professionals from Indonesia, Thailand, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, and the United States met in Honolulu Hawaii on 26-28 September 2005 for a Seismic Disaster Preparedness Conference hosted by the United States Pacific Command.