Proteus Insights and the Protean Media Critical Thinking Game

  • June 15, 2006
  • COL William L Wimbish III

The Department of Defense has launched numerous initiatives to develop scenarios, models, simulations, and games to educate and assist strategic and operational intelligence analysts and decision-makers in dealing with future asymmetric and idiosyncratic complexity, especially as it relates to technology, social values, cultural norms, beliefs and human behavior. The Protean Media role-playing environment (RPE) or "Critical Thinking Game" is a prime example of the current initiatives. Protean Media is a "light" and low cost RPE, designed to model complex adaptive systems and naturally evolving events. This Game is a systems approach to human conflict. The Protean Media is not a total panacea for gaming or modeling complexity; however, it establishes the foundation for others to build upon.