The Utility of Landpower in Addressing Emerging Security Challenges

  • September 01, 2014
  • Colonel F. Wayne Brewster II

Landpower will continue to remain an integral part of the Joint Force to meet new 21st century challenges and contribute to protecting U.S. national interests. The future operational environment places a premium on agility and interoperability. The anticipated A2AD challenges require cross-domain synergy to achieve national objectives. Land forces play considerable roles in this environment due to their comparative advantage in shaping the operational environment through human interaction and facilitating access. Mission command is a critical enabler of the agility requirement to achieve this synergy and respond to a dynamic operational environment, and land forces have embraced mission command as a foundational tenet. There is a natural tendency to reduce land forces in the quest to reap a “peace dividend” after protracted wars. We must temper this impulse by clearly articulating the role, value, and associated risks of Landpower in the future operational environment.