The 2nd Annual Proteus Academic Workshop and the Way Ahead

  • October 15, 2007
  • Mister William O Waddell, COL William L Wimbish III

The Proteus Management Group (PMG)hosted the second annual Proteus Futures Academic Workshop 14-16 August 07 at the Center for Strategic Leadership. This year's workshop provided international scholars from various organizationsand institutions across government, academia and the private sectorthe opportunity to present papers on topics and issues that explorecomplexity in the future global security environment. This year'sworkshop was the second in a series of annual futures academic workshopssponsored by the National Intelligence University, Office of the Directorof National Intelligence. The three-day event centered on examining futurecomplex security issues through creative and holistic analysis and decisionmaking across the elements of national power (Diplomatic, Informational, Militaryand Economic).