Examining Military Governance as a Part of Professional Military Education

  • June 15, 2011
  • Mr Brent C Bankus, Ms Lorelei E W Coplen, Prof James O Kievit

Following the U.S. military's successes in Iraq and Afghanistan it quickly became clear that the new governments of these two nations lacked many of the essential capabilities required to actually implement good governance. Initially, despite the preference of the military officers on the ground to have some other entity be responsible for governance, that responsibility fell largely, if not exclusively, on U.S. military commanders. In order to assist selected future senior leaders to be better prepared for such responsibilities, the U.S. Army War College began offering an elective course entitled "U.S. Military Governance Operations, A Historical Perspective." This issue paper briefly outlines the scope of that course and provides reflections regarding military governance developed by the students who participated.