From Cooperation to Competition - The Future of U.S. - Russian Relations

  • May 05, 2015
  • COL Gregory K Anderson, COL Karen L Briggman, COL Joseph E Hilbert, COL Gert-Jan Kooij, Lt Col Christopher T Lay, Dr James C McNaughton

With the reemergence of Russian aggression in 2014, a team of six students from the Carlisle Scholars Program (CSP) at the USAWC began a six-month project to assess the driving factors behind Russian foreign and security policy, in order to better anticipate future behavior. The CSP team created a visualization and formal paper describing what it came to term "the Russian System" and later partnered with the Center of Strategic Leadership and Development (CSLD) to conduct a strategic-level wargame on 15-16 April 2015 to test key hypotheses and expand collaborative learning. This report provides some insights into the broader project, but is more focused on the results of the wargame and how those results can inform future thinking about U.S. - Russian relations.