Futures Seminar 2015 - The United States Army in 2025 and Beyond, Vol. 2

  • December 12, 2015
  • Mr Samuel R White Jr
  • Mr Samuel R White Jr

The Academic Year 2015 (AY15) Futures Seminar elective at the U.S. Army War College encouraged students to examine a topic relevant to the development and implementation of Army initiatives in 2025 and beyond. Loosely modeled on a series of "Army After Next" studies conducted by U.S. Army War College students in the late 1990s, the course is designed to leverage student experience, research and thought to provide recommendations to senior Army leaders on key Army futures issues. The pathway for the AY15 Seminar was built upon our exploration of a central idea - a guiding principle. Grounded by the framework provided in the October 2014 Army Operating Concept, the Seminar explored the fundamental question:

"What kind of Army does the nation need in 2025 and beyond?"

This compendium represents 23 students' peek into the Army of 2025+. Some ideas and recommendations are specific and affect narrow slices of the Army; others are broad and span multiple services or components. Some are tactical; others strategic. Some very aspirational; others very practical. Regardless, they are the thoughts of strategic thinkers who have embraced their responsibility to help posture the enterprise for the future by thinking and writing about tough issues. The enterprise is better for their effort.