The USAWC Strategy Model in Moldova: Developing the Master's Course (Level II PME) for Military and Civilian Professionals

  • May 01, 2016
  • COL Florian Circiumaru, Colonel Mark V Montesclaros

Beginning in 2009, a multinational team of NATO professional military education (PME) experts began providing assistance to the Republic of Moldova's Armed Forces at the Moldovan Military Institute (later Academy (MMA)) in Chisinau. The team's broad purpose was to help the Moldovan military adjust from a Soviet-style military educational system to one that more closely mirrored NATO and Western standards. First was revamping the "Basic Course," followed by the development, from scratch, of a senior officers' course, including a Master's degree (Level II) program, which was completed in a remarkably short time - less than two years between initial brainstorming and course start. That it took a "team effort" goes without saying. While the Moldovans could not have done it alone, MMA was at the epicenter of successful multiple efforts, all designed to modernize its PME to meet the demands of the 21st century operational environment.