Civilian Workforce Development within the United States Army

  • September 01, 2014
  • Mr. Sean M. O’Brian

The civilian workforce is an integral part of the Army; it provides essential services in support of the mission. Serving as force multipliers, our civilian employees provide myriad requisite skills, thereby freeing uniformed members for war-fighting tasks. As the military moves deeper into an era of significant resource reductions, it becomes even more vital that its civilian employees are properly trained and educated to perform their functions effectively and efficiently. The Army must seek to develop the civilian workforce across the spectrum by making effective use of the three educational domains--operational, institutional, and self-development--while leveraging all available mediums to ensure maximum impact with minimum expenditure. This Strategic Research Paper (SRP) examines the policy behind workforce development, describes current Army workforce development, considers plans for the future, and offers recommendations for improvement.