Relooking Army Aviation Maintenance Readiness Reporting

  • September 01, 2014
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael J. Best

There is concern among Army senior leaders that the equipment readiness information currently being portrayed is not communicating the true maintenance health of aircraft fleets or Combat Aviation Brigades. It is, therefore, important the Army take a harder look at aviation equipment readiness in ways which help better evaluate and articulate performance in order to secure resources to meet future demands. The process must include distinguishing equipment readiness rates by aircraft type and calculating aviation readiness standards, namely Fully Mission Capable Rates (FMC), on an annual basis for the each aircraft type. Furthermore, aircraft maintenance performance must be presented using more effective control charts so senior leaders can better understand and assess the true state of equipment readiness. These FMC standards should then remain the same for a unit regardless of the phase of the current or future Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) process. Finally, the Army should consider new alternative metrics to measure aircraft readiness that better describes aircraft fleet true availability.