Volume 2, 2015-2016 Civil Affairs Issue Papers: Civil Affairs: A Force for Engagement and Conflict Prevention

  • March 09, 2016
  • John C Church Jr., Colonel Christopher J Holshek

The following CA award winning issues papers clearly illustrate many of the impending challenges for the CA force, and we recognize their innovative concepts and insight. • First Place: Renewed Relevance: CA Develop Human Networks for Effective Engagement, by Maj. Arnel P. David. • Second Place: From Green to Blue: U.S. Army Civil Affairs and International Police Engagement, by Capt. Rob Kobol, and Civil Engagement as a Tool for Conflict Prevention: A Case Study, by Capt. Tammy Sloulin and Lt. Col. Steve Lewis. • Third Place: The Role of Civil Affairs in Counter-Unconventional Warfare, by Maj. Shafi Saiduddin. • Fourth Place: Civil Affairs Forces, U.S. Army Reserve, National Guard, and State Partnership Program: Is There Room for Engagement, by Maj. David E. Leiva and Maj. John Nonnemaker.